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To register for a Development Academy session:

If your child is registered to play core or travel with WSSL for Fall 2018 or Spring 2019:

(1) Log into your WSSL in-league account and click on "Events".

(2) Scroll down or search for the development academy session desired

(3) Click on that session and follow the registration instructions

If your child is not registered to play with WSSL for the Fall 2018 or Spring 2019:

(1) go to wssl.org and in the upper right corner click "log in".

(2) Log in if you have a wssl account (even if your child is not currently playing with us) or create an account if you are new.

(3) If you have an existing account you must update your parent settings first and then a button will light next to your player's name allowing registration.

(4) During the registration process, click on "AYSO Membership Only" to pay the required $20 AYSO membership fee (this will register your child with AYSO for insurance purposes but not for any other WSSL program other than development academy)

(5) Upon completion of payment click on "Events" from the top menu and scroll down to find the session and click on it to register.


Fees and Scholarships:

Fees for Winter 2018 have not yet been determined. This amount is an addition to amounts paid for Core or Travel or for the AYSO Membership Only option.

Scholarships are available, but must be requested by emailing scholarship@wssl.org before registering and indicate the desired session. If you are applying for a scholarship, once you email the request, we will hold a spot for you.


Because we expect sessions to reach capacity quickly, there will be NO REFUNDS once a player has registered, so please consider conflicts carefully before registering.

Sessions with less than 6 registered players, may be cancelled. If a session is canceled, fees will be refunded or, alterntively, players may be offered a switch to another open session. If your division slots are full, please contact developmentacademy@wssl.org to express interest, and indicate the session desired. A new division session may be opened if there is enough demand.