Contact Us

League leadership

Contact one of our Board Members.

Division Heads

Your Division Head can help you answer pretty much any question you have, particularly about your child's participation in the league. 

Division Chief Referee or Youth Referee Program Director

The Chief Referee for your division is very knowledgable about the Laws of the Game, about officiating games in your division and about how to schedule yourself for a game! Our Youth Referee Program Director can answer all your questions about becoming a youth referee volunteer! 

The Registrar

Have a question about registration or a refund request? Please make things easy on our Registrar! Include your child's name, division and birthday in your email and make your subject heading very specific. It will be easier on her and faster for you! Email the Registrar.

For all other questions

By phone:  866-NYCWSSL (866-692-9775)

By email:

By mail:     West Side Soccer League, PO Box 582, New York, New York 10028

By fax:       (646) 607-2259

The best way to reach us is by email. If you choose to contact us by phone, please keep in mind as an all volunteer league we only check the messages every few days so please allow a few days for a return phone call. It is also helpful to please leave an email where we can contact you in response.

Tax ID

As a region within AYSO, WSSL is not a separate organization and does not have its own tax ID. AYSO's tax id number is 95-620539. Outside of donations, which are subject to and apply only to the extent in compliance with applicable law, WSSL does not purport to offer any tax deductible activities.