Coach Resources

Here are fantastic resources for every coach to use for developing their players. These are designed to improve the skill level of players and teams and facilitate a love of the game in an age appropriate way. 

AYSO Coaching Manual Portal

AYSO coaches can access the free AYSO Coaching Manual web portal to view AYSO player development content for all age groups.

AYSO Player Development Activities

Coaches can opt to subscribe to a Premium version that provides access to the complete TheCoachingManual library, drawing tools for designing training activities and sessions that can be shared with team families, and generate a season training plan.

Mojo App

Mojo Sport has a rich library of training videos especially designed for recreational coaches. These can be viewed on YouTube by Googling "Mojo soccer" or you can download the free, full-featured Mojo app that can generate session plans and share schedules and messages with team parents. 

Mojo App Download Link

If you are a WSSL coach, when you download the Mojo app, select "AYSO Region 611 - WSSL" as the organization you are associated with. Users can opt to subscribe to Mojo+ which is designed for developing individual skills. 

New York Red Bulls Resources

The Red Bulls Training Programs follow a researched and proven approach to player development. They operate a building block approach to Player Development. At a young age mastery of the ball is vital for a child's future development. Players follow a path focused on technique and skill development, as competency increases, tactical elements are introduced. Within each building block, an extensive curriculum is offered. 

Coach Education Clinics

Each season, WSSL is committed to providing coaches with "feet on" training sessions with professional coaches. Sessions take place in an indoor gym on weekday evenings. See WSSL's Calendar for details. Clinics for coaches are offered by professional coaches in partnership with The New York Red Bulls.

Reading Materials

WSSL's Head Coach Trainer recommends the following books for all WSSL coaches:

Developing Youth Soccer Players by Horst Wein (buy it on Amazon). A classic book on using simplified games to develop young soccer players. The author applies basic principles in education for creating a progressive coaching program that is both fun and entertaining. Wein writes that the coach's role is to stimulate players to think, rather than think for them.

How We Learn To Move by Rob Gray, PhD. A new and revolutionary approach to becoming skillful, moving away from boring repetitive drills toward giving athletes opportunities to explore and support their own individuality and creativity.

The Dynamics of Skill Acquisition - A Constraints-Led Approach by Keith Davids, et al. A comprehensive analysis of the evolution of the constraints-led perspective, a recognized theory in motor learning and control. This book covers both the theoretical origins and applications of the CLA.

Player Development - The Holistic Method by John Cone and Gareth Smith. This is the first holistic, evidence-based performance development method in sport. It weaves together the interconnected layers that drive player performance development. 

Catch Them Being Good by Tony DiCicco and Colleen Hacker, Ph.D. Written by the coach of the USWNT that won world championships in 1996 and 1999, it reflects what he learned coaching women, how to foster teamwork and develop essential skills. His coaching philosophy and methods had a major impact on US soccer. 

Take Back the Game - How Money and Mania Are Ruining Kids' Sports and Why It Matters by Linda Flanagan. A critical look at the commercialization of youth sports. Flanagan recommends placing the long-term health and performance of kids above the short-term goals of coaches, parents, and the youth sports industrial complex, and how it can be done.