Become an Adult Referee!

Referee classes are offered at the start of each season and mid-season when there is sufficient demand.

Click here for details of upcoming classes.

Top 5 Reasons to Become a WSSL Referee!

  1. It's the one time in the week when you get to tell people what to do and they do it. 
  2. It's a fun way to clear your head of day-to-day clutter.
  3. Your child will have a better soccer experience if games are officiated by a trained referee.
  4. It's a great way to fulfill WSSL's volunteer requirement.
  5. All classes, uniforms and gear are provided free of charge.

Whatever reasons motivate you to take the field as a Referee, we provide support and encouragement to make this a rewarding experience for you and the players!

How to Get Certified as an Adult WSSL Referee (Teen Referees please go here)

There are several steps to become a referee, some of which are mandated by US law or by WSSL's insurance requirements. The process may look daunting but we will help you achieve your certification. This process will take usually at least two weeks so start NOW. 

Follow these easy steps and join the crew!

  • Login to WSSL and go to “Family Profile“ and click the green button Add New User, if your name is not already listed.
  • Next, click "Register Volunteers", select your name, and click the current season.
  • Review your Contact Information and Confirm Details when done.
  • Update your Volunteer Preferences, including checking the box for Referee, and adding the divisions you plan to referee in. This drives communication, but you can actually sign up for any game in any division for which you are certified.
  • Once completed, click "Submit Volunteer Preferences."
  • Be on the lookout for an email from "Verified Volunteers" or "Sterling Volunteers” within the next couple of days. Follow the instructions in this message. It often goes to junk/spam, so check there, too. Your background check and AYSO registration will not be initiated until you complete the steps listed in the email message. If you have any issues, please contact

Register for all in-person and online courses by logging in to our training website: from any inLeague page, look for the eTrainU Graduation Cap Icon on the top-right. Click on that icon, and then click on on the next page. There are no separate credentials; you log in to inLeague first and then go to eTrainU from there.

Online courses required of all volunteers are:

  • AYSO’s Safe Haven – outlines the important elements around protecting our children and volunteers. One time requirement.
  • CDC HEADS UP Concussion Training – understanding the signs and required actions for concussions. One time requirement.
  • SafeSport - Please visit SafeSport for more information. To access the training paid for by WSSL, you must access the SafeSport website from the link . Unlike Safe Haven and Concussion, this is an annual requirement. 

If you haven't taken the online Safe Haven or Concussion Awareness since 2011, login to eTrainU and complete these online. You can find them by clicking on the "Training Library" link and browsing the courses in the Safe Haven category.

Register for a Referee Class

Information on upcoming referee training classes is available here.

If you have children in the 6U, 7U, or 8U age groups or wish to officiate in these age groups, you need to become certified as a 8U Official. Please follow these steps:

  1. Login to the WSSL InLeague website USING YOUR OWN EMAIL ADDRESS and click on the mortarboard icon at the top right of the screen to go to eTrainU. Click on the green button "Login to eTrainU (Powered by eTrainU)."
  2. Go to the Training Library and under "Refereeing" click on "View Courses."
  3. Find the "AYSO - 8U Official" course and click "Enroll." The course will be moved to your "My Training" folder and should open automatically.
  4. Once at the "AYSO - 8U Official" course, click "Start."
  5. Complete the training at your own pace. It takes about an hour. Once you have completed and passed the quiz (75%+) you may click "Exit." You will receive an email to confirm completion.
  6. Finally, you must attend a 45 minute "WSSL referee seminar" to learn the specifics of being a referee in WSSL. The seminar will be offered regularly either on Zoom or in person, usually at the start of each season. 


If you have children in the 9U and older age groups, or wish to officiate in these age groups, you will need to complete a Regional Referee - Full In-Person Course. There are two paths to become eligible to take this class:

1) Complete the 8U Official course (above); or,

2) Complete the "Regional Referee - Online + In-Person Companion Course (2 Part Bundle)" online class:

  • Go to eTrainU. Click on Training Library, then Refereeing:View Courses. 
  • Select the Regional Referee - Online + In-Person Companion Course (2 Part Bundle)
  • Complete the online modules and exam, which makes you eligible for the "Regional Referee - In-Person Companion Course" 

Once you are eligible:

  • Click on "Training Event".
  • A calendar will appear.  The courses will be filtered for Region 611 (WSSL). Go to the required date and click on West Side Soccer League Regional Referee Course. Click on the Enroll button on the Regional Referee course that appears.

Once you attend the class and pass the exam, you are now a certified soccer referee! We will give you a uniform and kit for free: send an email to including your name and shirt size (Youth, Adult Small, Medium, Large, XL or 2XL), and your preferred pick-up location (West 79th Street or West 152nd Street, or at the Field House at the 101st Street & Riverside Park soccer field).

Please email your Division Chief Referee or the Regional Referee Administrator, Stan Ince, with any questions.