Central Park North Meadow


To access the North Meadow soccer fields in Central Park, enter the Park at 100th Street from the Eastside or Westside and walk to the center of the Park and you will come across a fenced in, lush grass area with 6 soccer fields, some of which WSSL uses in the Fall: Fields 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 pictured below. We do not use Field 6.

Note that Field 1 is the first field that you come to when you walk in from West 100th Street. Field 2 is the field in the same area closer to the park building with the restrooms and concessions. Fields 4 and 5 are closer to the East Side and Field 3 is in the middle. We use these fields both full sided and small sided (half or quarter fields). Please make sure you are using the right set of lines for the age group.

Do not enter the fields before the Parks Department has opened the fields.

No cleats are allowed at these fields - turf shoes and sneakers only.




* Locate the goals along the baseball diamond backstops nearest your field.
* Confirm the letter of your field with the letter on the sign before you take the goals. See the image below for how to figure out which field.
* Open the lock on the goal. You can get the code for the lock from your division head.
* Lock the goal to the fence so it will still be there when the closers put the goals away. Lock the lock next to the sign.
* 4 parents move goals to fields and place on the end lines (orange markings).

* Nets are in a bin behind the backstop of Baseball Field #5 (closest to soccer field 3). You can get the code for the bin lock from your division head. Lock the lock to the bin after opening so the lock does not get lost.
* Nets are 2 to a red mesh bag. Please only take one bag per field.
* Cones and discs are stored there neatly too.


Cones and Discs - Stack and store neatly in the bin behind the backstop of Baseball Field #5 (closest to Soccer Field 3).


  • Take the nets off the goals carefully.
  • Store two (2) nets together in one (1) red mesh bag.
  • The nets need to be stored neatly in the bin behind the backstop of Baseball Field #5 (closest to Soccer Field 3). The bin should be locked when you arrive at it and when you leave it. You can get the code for the bin from your division head.


  • 4 parents move each goal to its designated storage spot near the playing field. All storage spots are located on the dirt part of a baseball diamond backstop. Each storage spot is marked with a WSSL sign (laminated 8.5x11) indicating the field from which the goals should have come.
  • The lock for the goals should be locked to the fence by the sign. You can get the code for the lock from your division head.
  • Open the lock and place it to the side so you can access it once you get the goals in place.
  • The mouths of the goals must be facing the fence (Click for Picture)
  • Two goals should be nested one inside the other and NOT side by side (Click for Picture)
  • Goals must be on the dirt.
  • Lock the lock around the sidebars of both goals and to the fence.


  • U6-U8 use 4x6ft PUGG goals.
  • Each field accommodates four (4) 20x30 fields at a time, one in each quadrant. A sample of how to set up the fields is shown in the diagram below. Use discs to mark the fields. We no longer play side by side so a division that has a half of field should use one quadrant for games and the other quadrant for pre-game practices.
  • Goals and discs and cones are stored in the bin behind the backstop of Baseball Field #5 (Field 3). You can get the code for the bin from your division head.
  • Upon closure, the PUGGS should be folded correctly (so they do not exhibit any twisting) and stored in the unzipped PUGG bags.
  • The PUGGs should be placed neatly in the rear of the storage bin with all cones and discs stacked neatly in front of them.
  • The bin should be locked after each use.


No set up required. Fields are marked as full fields and the goals are permanent. Any issues with nets, please email commissioner@wssl.org and we will address with the parks department as they maintain these nets; not WSSL.


  • Parents and siblings must stand on the outer sideline of each field. THIS MEANS STANDING OUTSIDE THE TOUCHLINES OF THE FULL SIZE FIELD.
  • For example for Field 1, we have 1A and 1B. There can be NO parents, siblings, spectators between the two fields. That space is reserved for substitutes, coaches, assistant coaches and linespeople only. See the map above.
  • This is required by the Parks Department and we will lose our permits if the Parks Dept. sees you standing in the middle.
  • Do not allow dogs or bicycles on the field. Again we will lose our permits if the Parks Dept sees this.

How to Return the Goals to the Fence and Nest them:




Don't forget the trash! 

Every team is responsible for cleaning up after their game. Beverage containers, snack wrappings and boxes, etc. should be placed in nearby trash receptacles. Don't forget your sweatshirts, etc. Following the final game, the closing teams should do a quick sweep of the field and make sure the trash has been disposed of properly.